Your Energy Media Partner Program

Product offerings

You pay per month

1. YEA Installer Profile Listing

Creating your profile on our Installer Finder + updates + Free Leads

2. Company Ad on YEA pages

Featuring on YEA content pages and show you as the recommended partner in your region + Free Leads

3. Backlinks SEO

As a reputable energy website our backlinks to your site will encourage better SEO

4. Active social

Creating and supporting your social media by posting weekly boosted company branded content about solar and batteries etc.

YEA Monthly


You pay per month

5. Facebook boosting

To build your reputation and brand locally we recommend to boost 4-5 posts a month (1 per week) in your region especially the podcast snippets.
This budget goes to Meta (Facebook)

Subtotal Monthly




Total Monthly


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Other product offerings

1. YEA Podcast to create many personalised snippets

Get featured on our YEA Podcast to discuss your business.
The resulting snippets (20 to 30) will cost $350 per video and will feed your social for 2 years plus.
We make it easy by spreading this cost over a period, with a monthly charge of $350 plus GST till paid off.
$350 per month + GST

2. E-Guide

An E-Guide branded with your company brand
$499 + GST each

3. Calculators

Embed our calculators on your website for a small additional cost

4. Image Libary

Access to our photo & video assets for a small additional cost
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